Safety Briefing for TJC Surveyors to be Required in 2023

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The Joint Commission announced via their November Perspectives publication, that effective January 1, 2023, organizations undergoing accreditation, certification and/or verification reviews, will need to be prepared to provide the survey team a Safety Briefing as a component of the Opening Conference.

This briefing will provide surveyors information regarding any potential safety concerns and any associated response activities that the surveyors would need to know while they are on site. This informal briefing would include content such as what the surveyors’ actions should be should there be a fire/smoke condition, workplace violence event and other safety concern develop while they are on-site with the organization.

Organizations should ensure they have designated an individual(s) to provide the short 5-minute briefing and have determined their content for delivery and necessary surveyor actions.

Please reach out to the C&A team with further questions or for assistance with your regulatory compliance needs.

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