Doctors discussing brain scan for stroke

June 2024 eNewsletter

Articles this month include:

“Is your Stroke Certification Program on Target?”

“Does Your Competency Program Really Assess Competency?”

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Nurses observing training for care of a patient.

May 2024 eNewsletter

Articles this month include:

“Two Top Safety Concerns You Should Worry About?”

“The April 15th Deadline has passed- now what?”

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Detailed observation of SARS CoV 2 among blood cells copy space image

April 2024 eNewsletter

Articles this month include:

“Are You Ready for The Joint Commission’s NEW Infection Control Chapter?”

“Emergency Management Chapter for Ambulatory Care Re-write”

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On the radar alert for healthcare regulatory topic

On The Radar

CMS New Fact Sheet on Accrediting Organizations

By Patricia Cook, BS, R.Ph, HACP-CMS, Head of Consulting | February 13, 2024

On February 8, 2024 CMS published a new Fact Sheet, focused on their efforts to Strengthen their Oversight of Accrediting Organizations. Learn more.

New TJC Standards: Behavioral Health, Emergency & Infection Control

By Christopher Pratt, MS, BSN, HACP-CMS, Senior Consultant & Accredited Provider Program Director | January 11, 2024

New Joint Commission Standards Coming for Behavioral Health, Emergency Management, and Infection Control. Access the information here.

Chloroprep – Dry Times

By Denise Smith, RN, MS, CLNC, HACP-CMS, Senior Consultant | January 4, 2024

Chloroprep is commonly used every day in Operating Rooms. Learn the manufacturer’s instructions for use (MIFU) regarding dry times for this solution.

hand holding half light bulb and half brain.

C&A Blog

Keep Those Instructions for Use Current!

May 21, 2024

Instructions for Use (IFU) are critical references used to maintain medical equipment. Learn tips to ensure safe operation for your patients.

The Importance of Routine Environmental Risk Evaluation

May 8, 2024

Environmental risks pose vulnerabilities, especially with suicidal or violent patients. Update risk assessments when changes occur to ensure a safe environment.

Improving Pain Medication Practices

April 22, 2024

Safe and effective pain management requires healthcare organizations to thoroughly address gaps in pain medication practices, ensuring clear orders, and more.

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