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Initial Accreditation or Certification. Wherever you are in your journey, Courtemanche & Associates can help. Healthcare organizations of all types are pursuing initial accreditation or certification as they see the potential benefits to improve quality of care, increase reimbursement, strengthen community confidence, while enhancing operational efficiency and processes. Whether you choose TJC, DNV, AAAHC, CIHQ or another agency, our team of expert consultants possess the knowledge and skills to help.

Our Approach

If you are trying to select the right accreditation/certification body for your organization, our consulting team can help you determine the selection of the agency that best fits your organization.

Initial Mock Survey

Our expert consultants conduct an initial mock survey using the most current requirements to develop a detailed report of areas of non-compliance along with providing recommendations for how to achieve compliance. Keep in mind, throughout the initial mock survey, the team will be continuously educating staff and leaders on the accreditation/certification requirements, their intent and how other organizations have achieved compliance.

Resolution Services

Once the mock survey is complete, our consultants can continue to support the client with education, policy templates, review of documents and answering questions all while providing the organization with survey readiness tips.

Support Services

After your organization’s initial accreditation, Courtemanche & Associates can remain a resource to your team regarding ongoing survey readiness and support. Many of our clients have partnered with C&A for decades, collaborating with our consultants throughout their triennial cycle for services such as annual mock surveys, post-survey support, policy and/or document review, and customized education/training programs addressing topics such as Quality/Performance Improvement, Patient Safety and Accreditation & Regulatory requirements, topic-specific focused assessments, and performance improvement team facilitation just to name a few.

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