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May 8, 2024
10:00 AM EST

The use of medical equipment, supplies and devices is an essential part of providing medical care.  However, the safe use, cleaning/disinfection and maintenance of these resources requires organizations to reference the manufacturer’s instructions for use.  Accrediting organizations have placed greater attention on organizations in the use of these references and will cite deficiencies when they are not used.  Our presentation will provide information on how manufacturer’s instructions for use support safe care and how organizations can ensure they are compliant with regulations that govern their use.

Sponsored by the North Carolina Healthcare Association

Presented By Patricia A. Cook, R.Ph., HACP-CMS, Senior Consultant - Head of Consulting Services

June 11, 2024
10:00 AM EST

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on services provided by contractors or via contract agreements. Few organizations optimize the contracting process to ensure the delivery of high quality, safe care, treatment or services. Listen in for 30 minutes for common failure points and tips to optimize the power of the contractual agreement.

Sponsored by the North Carolina Healthcare Association

Presented By Denise E. Smith, RN, BS, MS, CLNC, HACP-CMS, Senior Consultant

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