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Christine Ellet

"The Consultant was extremely knowledgeable in TJC standards (especially OR/peri-operative) and the survey process. Great survey!"

Deaconess Gibson Hospital
Kara Mora

"One of the biggest benefits of having Courtemanche on site for survey readiness is the confidence that staff have after the mock survey."

Appalachian Regional Healthcare
Dena Sparkman

"Oh the consultant was really good! Very knowledgeable, extremely thorough and enjoyed teaching. Everything you could ask for in a surveyor."

Memorial Healthcare
Megan Smith

"Our consultant did a great job supporting us during the Mock Survey, and preparation leading up to the survey. He checked in frequently to be sure he was covering all areas we wanted."

Phelps Health
Linde Merrow

"Our consultant was great! He was very knowledgeable about TJC standards and CMS regulations. He engaged the staff and leadership in a positive manner. Thanks."

Roper St. Francis
Jennifer Drudy

"The Consultant was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They gave good feedback and assisted me in making positive changes within the department."

Greater Baltimore MC
Christine Candiello

"Thank you to the team for the incredible survey you conducted. I am delighted that C&A not only met, but exceeded, my expectations. I know my team was impressed with your knowledge and collaborative approach with staff. We are truly grateful for your findings."

Phelps Health
Tabatha Ransom

"The consultant was outstanding in explaining and helping us develop problem areas. They jumped right in and were more than helpful. We were very pleased with the findings and guidance provided while with us."

UNC Health Nash
Ridgley Suggs

"Your consulting services have greatly assisted in identifying needs and preparing us for our triennial survey. Thank you! The consultant was wonderful! So knowledgeable and willing to share her past experiences and ideas for improvement."

Baystate MC
Deb Provost

"The consultant was fantastic! She did a great job communicating with everyone she spoke to, was very clear with what she was asking for, provided in the moment constructive feedback, and overall was very kind and patient with us throughout the whole process! She really was a joy to work with."

RI State Psychiatric Hospital
Jason A.

"The consultant had a very pleasant demeanor and offered some great tools and resources that we intend to implement. She became a member of our Team. We couldn't have done it without her knowledge, professionalism and optimism. We miss her already."

Gov Juan F. Luis Hospital
Adeline Williams-Connor

"The consultant presents a wealth of information and resources. He provided education to not only the Engineers on site but also the Facility Manager and his staff and the Patient Safety Officer. He is a hands on facilitator and provided assistance in preparing documents and clarifying several issues."

Cooperman Barnabas MC
Sean Cox

"The consultant is very knowledgeable and is great at engaging and teaching the staff."

RWJB Trinitas Regional MC
Lourdes Hernandez

" 'User friendly!' The consultant has an easy way of showing you what needs to be improved and gave ideas on how to make it happen."

Gov Juan F. Luis Hospital
Adeline Williams-Connor

"The consultants display a large wealth of knowledge, provide timely and meaningful feedback, provide resources, and take the opportunity to teach. This is greatly appreciated by the teams."

Baltimore Medical System
Omone Odogbo

"The consultant was very professional in their presentation to the team, It was made a learning experience for the team even while highlighting the findings. They a very thorough surveyor and pay attention to every detail. Their words, "I would rather over prepare you guys than under prepare you". That was a phenomenal statement. I would employ this consultant in a heartbeat if I could afford it, lol. A huge thanks."

Christine Ellet

"Our consultant was one of the best consultants that we have had for Facilities/Safety at OrthoNebraska. They were very informational and also explained the "whys". Was very personal and easy to talk to. Everything that they explained to us they would always make sure that we were all on the same page after our discussions. They also shared where we could find the standard that was referred to. Would definitely have them back to assist us with The Joint Commission readiness. We say thanks and are appreciative of all that was shared with our team."

USMD Hospital Arlington
Tiffaney Hill

"The consultant was amazing, and I am so grateful he was able to come and share his experiences and knowledge with USMD."

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