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Smoothing Staff Transitions with Expert Accreditation & Regulatory Guidance

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Is it a daily challenge to meet the ever-changing accreditation and regulatory standards, particularly when your organization is in flux? Whether it be conflicting priorities or key position vacancies, we understand the challenges you face. When you need additional resources to get you through a transition in your regulatory, patient safety or quality functions, we can help by providing onsite interim support, education and coaching. We’ll be there for you when you need us the most!

Through our Interim Support Services, C&A can provide your healthcare organization with:


Comprehensive assessment of current compliance for scheduled activities, including use of performance tracing, document review, staff interviews.


Educational sessions, in both group and individual settings, for organizational staff and leaders to familiarize staff with accreditation expectations during onsite activities.


Provide assistance with policy development, process changes and associated implementation.

Written Report

A progress report on accomplishments and opportunities will be regularly provided to leadership throughout the engagement.

Role Redesign

Let us guide the process and keep your organization on track as staff transition or new expectations are added

Many organizations are redesigning roles and responsibilities. This often creates a great opportunity for staff growth, but it can also create great anxiety.

Whether your need is organization-wide or role-specific, our team can assist you with:

Human Resource Documents

Development of key human resource documents such as position descriptions or performance appraisal tools

Orientation Program Content

Development of Orientation Program Content

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring of leaders responsible for Quality, Patient Safety, Regulatory and Accreditation.

Key Roles

Orientation of personnel to key roles

Competency Assessment Program

Development and Execution of your Competency Assessment Program

Our expert consultants will assist you as you regain your forward momentum!

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