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For Successful Staff Development and Transitions Turn to the C&A Team

For Successful Transitions

Turn to the C&A team when new leaders arrive, when vacancies exist from role reassignments or consolidations, or when a little extra support is needed for Initial Accreditation, Ongoing Accreditation, Medicare Certification, or quality and regulatory matters.

Leader and Staff Transitions can be unsettling to an organization. Quickly acquiring skills needed to either oversee Accreditation and Regulatory or perform these essential duties can be overwhelming.

Our team at C&A stands prepared to assist you with expert mentors.

We Can Help

Let us help with virtual or onsite regulatory and accreditation assessments as you recover from the onslaught brought on by the Pandemic.

Expert Guidance

Avoid role confusion with expert guidance

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Interim Support

Maintain regulatory success with Interim Support

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Leadership Support

Provide new Leaders with the tools they need

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Virtual Consulting

Our professional staff can guide, coach and mentor your team with Virtual or Onsite assistance when changes occur and can help your organization maintain it’s equilibrium.

What people say about it

Peter Perkins
Phelps Health

The consultant was extremely knowledgeable on life-safety regulatory requirements. He was able to answer questions immediately and backed them with documents showing the code. He approached the survey with a teach/mentor mindset and explained the background history and reasons for certain codes, along with a refresher on the surveys process. He provided many best practices that can help with the survey process – especially from a documentation standpoint.

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