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The importance of Infection Prevention & Control is often underestimated, as organizations see what appears to be low rates of infection when data is reported. However, what is often not shared is the cost of those infections in patient outcomes, staff impact, and lost revenue. Experts estimate that a single surgical site infection can cost more than $25,000 and may be as high as $90,000 when implants are involved.

Now think about what has been happening in the country with the impact of the extremely infectious disease, the Novel Coronavirus. With more than 5 million cases, and 173,000 deaths throughout the country that are still increasing, we have seen how rapidly an infectious disease can spread and how important infection prevention and control strategies are in protecting patients, staff, our neighbors and the economy.

It’s time to think about how our Infection Prevention and Control Strategies should look going forward.

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Let us help with virtual or onsite regulatory and accreditation assessments as you recover from the onslaught brought on by the Pandemic.

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