Focused Assessments

C&A’s Focused Assessment on Top Findings

Focused Assessment

In today’s environment, our budget-friendly, time sensitive alternative to a full mock survey may meet your needs. Focused assessments can be provided for any regulatory or accreditation topic.

This innovative approach allows you to:

Set the Scope

Work with our team to set the goals and scope of the assessment.

Target Problematic Areas

Whether concerned about internal performance or worried about topics hitting the news, we can design services to assess and recommend mitigation strategies.

Detailed Findings

Receive a detailed report of findings inclusive of our projected priority risk assessment placement that considers potential for harm, degree of the pervasiveness, and considers the anticipated length of time to achieve compliance.


Determine Delivery Model

Virtual and On-site delivery options are available for most areas of concern.

We look forward to helping you on your journey.

Fill out a proposal form today, so that we can begin to help you maximize results with this budget-friendly approach.

What people say about it

Brandy Parks
Phelps Health

The Consultant was very knowledgeable and able to give an explanation for every concern that he assessed. He encouraged leadership and employees to ask any questions and to bring up any concerns that they may have on particular issues.

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