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Surgeon using electric coagulator causing surgical smoke.

July 2024 eNewsletter

Articles this month include:

“Surgical Smoke – Is Your Operating Room Safe For Your Staff and Patients?”

“Are You Assessing Your Organization for Healthcare Equity Practice?”

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Doctors discussing brain scan for stroke

June 2024 eNewsletter

Articles this month include:

“Is your Stroke Certification Program on Target?”

“Does Your Competency Program Really Assess Competency?”

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Nurses observing training for care of a patient.

May 2024 eNewsletter

Articles this month include:

“Two Top Safety Concerns You Should Worry About?”

“The April 15th Deadline has passed- now what?”

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October 2021 Newsletter Data Rich Information Poor, Keeping Breast Milk Safe

September 2021 Newsletter Treatment Plans, CMS-1754F-Hospice Conditions of Participation Changes

August 2021 Newsletter Titration Orders, Have You Inspected Your Laundry Department Lately?

July 2021 Newsletter Understanding the OSHA Covid-19 Emergency Temporary Standard, Behind the Scenes Consultant Readiness

June 2021 Newsletter Is Your Staff Competent and Can You Prove It?, Glucometer Infection Control Practices

May 2021 Newsletter Managing Your Medical Staff’s OPPE and FPPE, New Performance Improvements for CAH

April 2021 Newsletter Improving Maternal Health – New TJC Standards: Severe Hypertension/Preeclampsia, Is Glove Disinfection Acceptable and Safe?

March 2021 Newsletter New Requirements on the Horizon:  Resuscitative Services, Cleaning & Preparing Ultrasound Transducers

February 2021 Newsletter Have We Crossed Over the Quality Chasm or Are We Hanging Mid-Air?, TJC Releases New Life Safety Code - Business Occupancy Requirements

January 2021 Newsletter 1:1 Observation for Suicidal Patients: Does Your Policy Place Staff at Risk?

December 2020 Newsletter Top 20 Items for your 2021 “To Do” List

November 2020 Newsletter TJC & CMS Update and Environmental Cleaning

October 2020 Newsletter Patient Falls & Medical Staff Credentialing

September 2020 Newsletter Stark Law Changes & Anesthesia Machine Checks

August 2020 Newsletter Emergency Preparedness Part III – Can Disasters Be Managed Through a Lens of High Reliability?

July 2020 Newsletter When Disaster Strikes, It’s One Day at a Time, But What Happens Next? Part II

June 2020 Newsletter When Disaster Strikes, It’s One Day at a Time, But What Happens Next? Part I

May 2020 Newsletter Celebrating Nurses and Healthcare Workers!

April 2020 Newsletter Why is Discharge Planning So Important??

March 2020 Newsletter Why is there a focus on Maternal Hemorrhage?

February 2020 Newsletter The 2020 Reorganization of CMS

January 2020 Newsletter Omnibus Burden Reduction (Medicare Conditions of Participation) Final Rule CMS-3346-F Part 3

December 2019 Newsletter Omnibus Burden Reduction (Medicare Conditions of Participation)Final Rule CMS-3346-F Part 2

November 2019 Newsletter Omnibus Burden Reduction (Medicare Conditions of Participation)Final Rule CMS-3346-F Part 1

October 2019 Newsletter USP Chapter 797 Sterile Compounding Changes Part III

September 2019 Newsletter USP Chapter 797 Sterile Compounding Changes Part II

August 2019 Newsletter USP Chapter 797 Sterile Compounding Changes

July 2019 Newsletter Monitoring for Changing Patient Conditions

June 2019 Newsletter Fire Safety: New Expectations for the OR and Procedure Areas

May 2019 Newsletter Read more to learn some daily risk assessments and risk reduction strategies that may be helpful.

April 2019 Newsletter Have you heard about the new CMS Immediate Jeopardy Process?

March 2019 Newsletter Does your Care Plan tell a story?

February 2019 Newsletter A review of the Imaging and Fluoroscopy Requirements

January 2019 Newsletter Welcome to the first edition of 2019. This first edition will discuss the new requirements for National Patient Safety Goal 15 – suicide.

December 2018 Newsletter Holidays in Healthcare, HELP! Engaging Leaders, Hand Hygiene and more!

November 2018 November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, CMS Oversight Increases, and C&A’s newest program C_APPS.

October 2018 Newsletter October is fire safety month plus C&A’s EC Document Management Service,  CMS Immediate Jeopardy Part VI and 9-1-1 Things You Should Know

September 2018 September is suicide prevention month plus Newborn Identification requirements and CMS Immediate Jeopardy Part V

August 2018 Our new ES2 electronic system, CMS IJ PArt IV, and 9-1-1: Things you have to know.

July 2018 TJC’s Perspectives, The Opioid Crisis & CMS Immediate Jeopardy Part III.

June 2018 Workplace Violence, Soar 2 Success Software Launch, CMS Immediate Jeopardy Part III

May 2018 Happy Nurses Week, Immediate Jeopardy Triggered by CMS, HELP! & Diagnose and Treat

April 2018 Keeping Pediatric Patients Safe, Increased Oversight of Accrediting Organizations & HELP. Hints to Engage Leaders Proactively

January 2018 Patient Safety Risks in Behavioral Health & Maternal Status Documentation Requirements

December 2017 Breeches to Hand Hygiene & End of Year Message

October 2017 Pain Awareness & Mangement

August 2017 Emergency Preparedness Requirements, Medication Management Standards & Pain Standards

July 2017 New CMS Expectations for Emergency Preparedness, New Expectations for HAIs & Legionella Update

June 2017 Antibiotic Stewardship & Blood Donation Day

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