Ongoing Survey Readiness

Continuous Support Throughout Your Entire Survey Cycle

Ongoing Accreditation Readiness

Providing a cycle of continuous support throughout a triennial survey period, the Ongoing Accreditation Readiness (OAR) process mirrors the survey timeline of accrediting organizations. Through assessment, education, assistance with action planning and follow-up visits, sustainable results can be achieved – assuring that your organization is “survey ready” every day.

A full Ongoing Accreditation Readiness package that covers the three-year survey cycle and includes education, team assessment and onsite consultation every four to six months during the contract period. It can also be modified for one or two-year plans.

This highly effective plan can be initiated at any time during your survey cycle and includes:

Training & Education

Training and education sessions are provided for leadership, medical staff and employees on key issues.

Mock Surveys

Consultants provide unannounced mock surveys to test the organization´s response systems and develop agendas to address key areas of concern for the organization.


C&A works with you to integrate surveyable services or remove non-surveyable components from the organization´s application that do not meet organizational and functional integration criteria.

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Christine Ellet

The Team Leader was very knowledgeable about the TJC standards and process. His insight in the leadership session was appreciated by the leaders!

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