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You recognize that a culture of patient safety and an environment committed to regulatory success starts with Leadership as the foundation. We have developed various methods to help your organization achieve powerful external and internal results. Our leadership development series, L.E.A.D. (Lead, Explore, Achieve & Develop), is designed to provide management with the tools to lead, motivate and inspire change. Our other leadership program, Care Enhancement is a proven system to build leadership within the ranks with the goal of enhanced patient safety.





L.E.A.D. is comprised of four educational modules, delivered as interactive workshops in your organization by our consultants who provide not only onsite learning, but coaching in the development of internal formal and informal leadership. As an alternative, C&A can coach your staff off-site to provide the learning and training necessary to achieve optimal leadership results.

Care Enhancement

Assuring patient safety through regulatory compliance is everyone’s responsibility. Through an approach we refer to as Care Enhancement, our consultants work with you and your leadership team to create internal safety advocates to help improve work flow, eliminate barriers and direct activities to the patient.

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