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Tornado and Hazardous Weather Preparedness

This spring we have seen some very dangerous weather come through most areas of the country. Tornados,  severe ...
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Keep Those Instructions for Use Current!

Instructions for Use (IFU) are critical references used to maintain medical equipment including calibration, preventive maintenance, cleaning/disinfection, and ...
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The Importance of Routine Environmental Risk Evaluation

Environmental risks can pose significant vulnerabilities to your patients, visitors and staff members.  Specifically, in patient care locations ...
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Improving Pain Medication Practices

Pain medication, when properly ordered, administered and monitored for effectiveness, can provide patients with relief of their suffering ...
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Your Patient is on Seizure Precautions – What Does That Mean?

Often patients are placed on defined precautions when a risk has been identified.  This includes fall, Pressure Injury, ...
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Solution Testing Strip Concerns

Our consulting team has noticed this year that we are finding increasing issues with testing strips.  These strips ...
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Update Your Important Medication Lists

Recently the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (IMSP) released their annual update to the High Alert Medication Lists ...
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Borescopes –It’s Like Looking Through the Tunnel

Borescopes are visual inspection tools used on instruments that have a lumen that is hard to access because ...
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Is Your Water/Ice Dispenser Safe for Patients?

Water and ice dispensers are convenient sources of fluids for patients and are frequently found in hospital nutrition ...
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Insulator Testers – Don’t Get Zapped

Instrument insulator testers are commonly used on laparoscopic instrumentation and other surgical instruments (bi-polar instruments) that have an ...
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Aligning Patient Pain Needs with Effective Medication Intervention

Following medical orders for pain medication is essential to support effective pain control.  If pain medications are not ...
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Transplant Safety Management

Ensuring that transplantable tissues are safely managed is critical for patient safety.  This includes maintaining acceptable storage conditions, ...
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