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Opportunities & Survey Tips

Safety Briefings for Survey Teams

Ensuring you have a safe work environment is paramount; this includes during an actual regulatory survey.  In January ...
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Functional-Organizational Integration- Key Factors in Accreditation Decisions.

As organizations continue to expand their footprints to address patient and community needs, we are often asked about ...
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Managing CPAP Machines Safely in Behavioral Health Facilities

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is used to effectively treat sleep apnea, a serious disorder linked to ...
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Mitigating Ligature Risk in Psychiatric Hospitals

Psychiatric hospitals carry inherent safety concerns due to high-acuity conditions such as suicide risk. In high-risk environments like ...
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Readily Retrievable Documents

One of the easiest deficiencies a regulatory or accrediting organization can render against an organization is a finding ...
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Point of Use Sterile Instrument Reprocessing Procedures

We are observing increasing incidence of organizations struggling to follow their point of use sterile instrument reprocessing procedures.  ...
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Surgical Fire Risks in Procedural Areas

We are noticing that many organizations are not including special procedural areas as part of their proactive assessments ...
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