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Nurses Make a Difference 

Nurses make a difference everyday as trusted advocates for their patients and safe healthcare practice. May 6-12 is ...
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Key CMS Survey Topics for 2022

New and revised survey topics from the Center's for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) took effect in January ...
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Safety Alert – Potential Ventilator Malfunction

A safety alert from Vyalire Medical, posted in the February 15th edition of the ASHE Health Facilities Management ...
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TJC Clarifies Life Safety Drawing Requirements

The below important information related to Life Safety Drawings is provided by our colleagues at Brand Services. Effective ...
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CMS Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate – Helpful Guidance

CMS Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate helpful guidance was put forth on January 27, 2022, issuing several documents to assist ...
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Mock Surveys: Determining Your Regulatory Alignment

A mock survey is an excellent way to check your alignment with regulatory requirements and ensure your survey ...
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Risks and Prevention Strategies for Immediate Jeopardy

What is Immediate Jeopardy? Immediate Jeopardy defined by CMS , within their Core Guidelines is "a situation in which ...
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Proposed Revisions to USP Compounding General Chapter 797

USP Chapter 797- Pharmaceutical Compounding Sterile Solution's latest proposed revisions were released in September 2021 for public comment.  ...
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CMS Publishes Expectations- Surveyors Conducting Federal Oversight Work

As Accrediting Organizations begin to conduct On-Site Surveys due to the drop in Omicron infections and the reduced ...
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