TJC Clarifies Life Safety Drawing Requirements

Life Safety Code Drawings

The below important information related to Life Safety Drawings is provided by our colleagues at Brand Services.

Effective July 1, 2021, The Joint Commission has rolled out their new business occupancy standards under LS.05.01.10 - LS.05.01.35 with 29 Elements of Performance for hospitals, critical access hospitals, behavioral health care professionals and human services organizations regardless of whether the business occupancy is freestanding, or a separated non-health care building associated with a healthcare facility. If patient care is provided, even in a business occupancy setting, then the area has been subjected to survey by The Joint Commission (TJC). This notice is to inform you that TJC has recently clarified that Life Safety Code Drawings will NOT be required for the Business Occupancy if the entire building is an occupancy other than health care. If any part of the building contains a health care occupancy, TJC does require Life Safety Code Drawings.

If your facility needs assistance with developing Life Safety Code Drawings or evaluating any additional business occupancy/patient care buildings for compliance with the EP's, please contact our office or visit our website at

References: EC News January 2022 and The Joint Commission FAQs.

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