Heads Up! Medication or Not?

Many organizations may be leaving these opportunities for improvement on the table.  Did you know that any toothpaste that contains sodium fluoride contains a National Drug Code and is classified as a medication?  We recently verified this with The Joint Commission Standards Interpretation Group.  Their team advised this would be determined by how they are …

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Titration Orders: Are you set for safe practice?

Titrating intravenous medications is the process of adjusting medication dosage for maximum benefit without inducing adverse side effects. It can be a fine line to walk, but when staff follow clearly defined parameters through well-crafted titration orders, it can be performed with a high degree of safety and ensure that your practice is aligned with …

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Behind the Scenes – Mock Survey

Do you ever wonder what a mock survey consultant does prior to visiting your organization? Have you been curious about the extent of preparation that occurs, how we are able to identify areas for improvement (or regulatory gaps) in a short period of time, and how it all comes together in a final report to enable effective resolution?

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