Double Check your Glucometer Cleaning Processes

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Just a reminder to organizations to double check the Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use for their Glucometer devices to ensure your process and staff are compliant.   Several devices such as the Nova Care Stat Strip Glucose Hospital Meter System require a TWO-STEP cleaning and disinfecting process potentially using two different types of wipes. Two-step processes typically include a cleaning step using a device manufacturer approved germicidal wipe which is then followed by disinfection utilizing a bleach containing wipe. The manufacturer may recommend the use of a germicidal bleach wipe that can be used to perform both steps of the process provided a new, clean wipe is used for each step.

Organizations must follow the processes contained within the devices Instructions for Use. Failure to follow the Instructions for Use creates unnecessary risk and most often scores in the Red Zones of the SAFER Matrix utilized by The Joint Commission.

Learn more about Glucometer Cleaning and effective infection prevention practices.

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