C&A Announces New Partnership Events to Look Forward To in 2023

Healthcare Accreditation and Compliance firm is proud to share its expertise in the healthcare space through webinars and sponsorship events.

Charlotte, NC: Courtemanche & Associates, a division of SAYAS Alliance, Inc., is one of the leading Healthcare Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Consulting firms in the industry. They proudly partner with many healthcare quality organizations and hospital associations to assist their members in improving patient safety and ensuring compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements.

Courtemanche & Associates is excited to share some of their partnership events that will take place this year:

North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA)

A 22-webinar series presented weekly over the course of several months by the Courtemanche team; Christopher Pratt, Senior Consultant, Denise Smith, Senior Consultant, Patricia Cook, Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting Services, and Anne Kelly, Associate Consultant. A sampling of topics includes CMS Expectations for Workplace Violence, Disparities and Inequities in Healthcare, High Reliability, Pain Management/Opioid Addiction, Cleaning and Disinfecting Surgical Instruments, HR Competencies, and other hot topics in healthcare regulatory compliance.

Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI)

Courtemanche & Associates partners with the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute several times a year, providing webinars for popular topics in the regulatory compliance industry as well as semi-annual presentations on the latest TJC and CMS regulatory updates and changes. Courtemanche’s upcoming 90-minute webinar will focus on Disparities in Healthcare presented by C&A Senior Consultant, Christopher Pratt.

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ)

This fall, Courtemanche & Associates will be a proud sponsor at the CIHQ Accreditation and Regulatory Summit. Courtemanche’s team will engage with participants and introduce them to the many custom services and educational programs available to assist with their quality and patient safety objectives and ongoing survey readiness. Patricia Cook, C&A Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting Services, will be a guest speaker at the event, presenting an informative delivery regarding Integrated Health Systems.

Courtemanche & Associates is dedicated to working with associations such as CIHQ, MHEI, NCHA, and other healthcare advocates to provide valuable resources, education, and training to support healthcare professionals in effectively delivering safe, quality patient care. For more information on the upcoming events and how to register, Courtemanche & Associates invites everyone to subscribe to their newsletter and to stay up to date on their announcements page.

Courtemanche & Associates’ expert team of consultants can develop educational programs for various regulatory compliance hot topics and trends across the continuum of care. From a one-hour webinar to an extensive training session, their team can meet multiple needs across the board. To learn more about their offerings, contact the Courtemanche & Associates team.

About the Company:

Courtemanche & Associates (C&A) was founded in 1994 by Judy Courtemanche, a former Joint Commission surveyor, and nurse. Judy began C&A because she had a passion for improving healthcare. Her mission lives on through the leadership of Sandeep Goel. He has over 25 years of experience in regulatory compliance expertise and has worked closely with many healthcare organizations to ensure that any new products or services launched exceed regulatory compliance standards. Under his leadership, the C&A team works tirelessly to impart their expert knowledge to their clientele, providing timely guidance on the regulatory challenges they face. C&A is dedicated to aiding healthcare providers in reducing risk and potential patient harm and improving their quality of care.


Contact Details:


Name: Courtemanche & Associates

Email: info@courtemanche-assocs.com

Address: PO Box 23659, Charlotte, NC 28227

Number: 704-573-4535

Website: https://courtemanche-assocs.com/

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