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Hard to believe we are quickly approaching the end of 2023. We hope that you are as excited about 2024 as we are. To get you started and keep you focused in 2024, we are pleased to offer this month’s article, "Top 12 Items for 2024". It offers valuable advice and tips to consider. Here the Courtemanche & Associates consulting team suggest a range of activities, including reviewing health equity programs, executing survey plans, and assessing competency programs as part of 12 essential actions for 2024. Other measures to consider include evaluating surgical instruments, inspecting tissue transplant safety, implementing fire risk mitigation plans, and reviewing policies related to live plants in patient care areas and rounding for patient safety.

Introducing the Ultimate Accreditation and Compliance Resource

The C&A consulting team is thrilled to introduce our new subscription service, the ARC. It's packed with an abundance of resources and tools for Healthcare Quality Professionals. The ARC is a comprehensive accreditation compendium of tools that will assist you in assessing your organizations regulatory and accreditation compliance. Best of all, it's now easily accessible to you. If you missed our announcement earlier, this is your chance to take advantage of this amazing resource. Learn more about the ARC.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope this has been helpful in preparing you for the new year. If you have any suggestions for future topics or require our services, please reach out to us at Our team is always available and eager to assist you in any way we can.

Nov 30 2023

Top 12 Healthcare To-Dos for a Successful 2024
As we come to the close of 2023, and ready ourselves for an exciting 2024, the consulting team at Courtemanche & Associates wanted to provide you with our list of 12 " To Do's" in 2024! Top 12 for 2024 1. Evaluate your Health Equity and Disparities Program Review ...
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The C&A Consulting Team

Our healthcare accreditation & regulatory compliance team are experts in the healthcare industry and collectively sharing more than two centuries of healthcare knowledge, wisdom & guidance. Our core team along with our top-notch partners provide a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and guidance to assist you with performance improvement and regulatory success.

Books and laptop for education

Nov 21 2023

ARC Premium Subscription Service
Stay Survey Ready with our Accreditation Regulatory Companion – ARC. Tools and Resources to assist with accreditation and ongoing compliance readiness. Tracers Checklists Templates Policy Templates Educational Templates Resource Guides and more. Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, Ambulatory Centers, Behavioral Health Facilities, Office Surgery Centers - The ARC is your ...
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