C&A Introduces New Blog: “Field Notes: Opportunities & Survey Tips”

Charlotte, NC: Courtemanche & Associates, a division of SAYAS Alliance, Inc., is one of the leading Healthcare Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Consulting firms in the healthcare industry. With over 100 years of collective experience, they are proficient and conversant in multiple areas of healthcare accreditation and regulatory compliance. Courtemanche & Associates is pleased to assist hospitals and other healthcare organizations looking to respond and prepare themselves for mock surveys.

Courtemanche & Associates' team of consultants is delighted to extend their expertise to clients with this new blog series in hopes that the situational lessons they have glearned in the field, both common and unique, will prove supportive, encouraging, and invaluable to clients as they face the demands of regulatory compliance. In “Field Notes: Opportunities & Survey Tips,” knowledgeable consultants provide valuable and relevant information to clients regarding these regulatory issues so that they may enhance their awareness and address concerns they have with compliance. The blog is authored by seasoned members of their consultant team who have experienced first-hand both frequent and unusual issues healthcare organizations have faced. Strict adherence to best practices in support of their clients’ readiness and patient care is paramount! Using observations from mock and actual surveys, Courtemanche & Associates is there to shepherd clients through the pitfalls of past experienced by healthcare organizations.

About the Company:

Courtemanche & Associates (C&A) was founded in 1994 by Judy Courtemanche, a former Joint Commission surveyor, and nurse. Judy began C&A because she had a passion for improving healthcare. Her mission lives on through the leadership of Sandeep Goel. He has over 25 years of experience in regulatory compliance expertise and has worked closely with many healthcare organizations to ensure that any new products or services launched exceed regulatory compliance standards. Under his leadership, the C&A team works tirelessly to impart their expert knowledge to their clientele, providing timely guidance on the regulatory challenges they face. C&A is dedicated to aiding healthcare providers in reducing risk and potential patient harm and improving their quality of care.


Contact Details:


Name: Courtemanche & Associates

Email: info@courtemanche-assocs.com

Address: PO Box 23659, Charlotte, NC 28227

Number: 704-573-4535

Website: https://courtemanche-assocs.com/

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