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CMS Immediate Jeopardy: Part V

What is the Decision Process for Immediate Jeopardy? Last month we reviewed a case example about a resident ...
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CMS Part IV : Acting to Avoid Immediate Jeopardy

How are CMS Immediate Jeopardy Investigations Conducted?  Whether your CMS surveyor is concerned with a failure to protect ...
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CMS Immediate Jeopardy Part III

CMS Surveyors are trained to identify certain triggers for potential or actual harm to individuals.  These triggers are ...
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CMS Immediate Jeopardy: Part II

The goal of every CMS survey is to ensure the provision of quality care for all individuals receiving ...
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Immediate Jeopardy in CMS Survey

What happens when CMS arrives at your doorstep for an allegation survey?  After you notify key people and ...
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