More Strategies to Prevent Spread

As healthcare organizations continue to respond to the effects of the Covid 19 crisis, new sustainable approaches are needed. The importance of safety measures such as social distancing, source control with protective face coverings and diligent hand washing is critical in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. How safe and prepared are you and your staff in the ongoing management of Infectious disease?

Our Consultant Team has created a library of on demand courses and resources on our Quality Academy focused on strategies to assist healthcare professionals in understanding and implementing changing practices in infection control, enhancing safety for patients and the environment.

Learn more about the history of pandemics; how they develop and successful approaches in managing them with courses such as:

“Pandemic Management”
“Managing the Physical Environment during the Covid 19 World Crisis”
“Preventing Covid 19 in Nursing Homes”

Gain knowledge of proven guidelines, strategies, and tips from experts in the field with courses such as:

“Infection Prevention and Control Foundations”
“Personal Protective Equipment – How and When to Use”
“Cleaning and Disinfecting Surgical Instruments”
“Surgical Site Infection Prevention – Hospitals”
“Surgical Site Infection Prevention – Ambulatory”

Obtain valuable tools to apply in daily operations with our C_APPS resources:

• “Preventing Surgical Site Infections”
“Personal Protective Equipment”
• “High Level Disinfection”

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