If Talent Management is the Biggest Challenge in Healthcare- What Can You Do?

The July 13, 2021, electronic issue of Becker’s CEO Report shares with us the results of a recent Fortune/Deloitte poll which identified that attracting, hiring, retaining, developing, growing and engaging talent and succession planning is one of their biggest challenges. Modifying work schedules and staffing ratios may provide relief as an interim measure while recruitment efforts occur; as we know that finding the perfect blend of behaviors and skills is essential for success. Many organizations will hire for the “right fit” of human behaviors and then develop a persons required skills, as skills can often be quickly acquired, but behaviors take longer to adjust. Acquiring talent with required skills can be especially difficult in fields where formalized training programs are limited, or in positions or departments that may have only one resource allocated to it. Consider your accreditation and regulatory resources and the significant impact their role can have on the hospital, including finances. Loss of deemed status can lead to loss of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

The team at Courtemanche & Associates can assist you in many ways. Our Accreditation – Regulatory Compliance Interim Support Program can bridge the gap between a vacancy and hiring the right candidate. Likewise, our Coaching and Mentoring Program can help you assess and build the skills of the perfect candidate. Interested in learning more? Contact us at 704-573-4535 or info@courtemanche-assocs.com.

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