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In preparing for your Joint Commission survey, it is always helpful to review the Survey Activity Guides published by the Joint Commission annually. These guides will not only assist you in preparing for survey but will also provide you with an abstract of each survey activity that includes logistical needs, session objectives, an overview of the session, and suggested participants. The guide contains information on preparing for the surveyor’s arrival, document lists for each program, survey activity lists, and information on what to expect once the surveyors are onsite.

Take the time to review the program guide specific to your organization and be proactive in having documents available that will be requested when surveyors are onsite. Prepare leadership and staff for program specific tracers using the templates in the Survey Activity Guide(s).

The following 2021 guides are available to all Joint Commission accredited organizations on your extranet site under the Survey Process Tab – Pre-Survey – Survey Activity Guide.

• 2021 All Programs Organization Survey Activity Guide
• 2021 Laboratory Organization Survey Activity Guide
• 2021 Nursing Care Center Organization Survey Activity Guide
• 2021 Ambulatory Organization Survey Activity Guide

Also available for reference are the 2021 Crosswalks for ADI Diagnostic Imaging and Ambulatory Surgery Center that provides you with the Medicare Requirements along with the Joint Commission Standard and Elements of Performance.

Reference: The Joint Commission

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