Enzymatic Spraying of Instruments at Point of Use

You have finished the procedure, now what’s next?

Prior to sending instruments to Sterile Processing, it is important to remember to remove as much blood and bioburden from the instruments and keep them moist during transport.

With Personal Protective Equipment on, rinse or wipe the instruments with water. Never use saline as it will damage your instruments.

Lay the instruments in an OSHA approved (leak proof, puncture proof) container which is labeled with the Biohazard symbol. Ensure that hinged instruments are in the open position. (String the instruments in the open position and spread them out to ensure complete coverage of the enzymatic). Spray them with the enzymatic ensuring full and complete coverage of the instruments. If a stringer is not available the instruments must be layered in the container, making sure that each layer is adequately sprayed to avoid bioburden from sticking to the instruments. Replace and secure the lid to the container.

Next, transport the instruments in the container with a biohazard sticker to Sterile Processing as soon as possible for reprocessing. Make sure to minimize splashing of liquid while transporting.

Remember, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions (IFU) prior to using any product on your instruments.

Patient safety is our top priority! By properly caring for surgical instruments from the point of use, physicians and staff can provide a properly prepared environment for their patients, exposing them to less risk and a safer experience.

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