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With winter upon us, the Flu, Covid and other respiratory illnesses are becoming much more widespread. Therefore, vaccines are being administered more frequently to lessen the onset or severity of these illnesses. Many care locations responsible for the administration of key vaccinations are unaware of the requirement to both provide and document the provision of the CDC Vaccination Information Statements, otherwise known as the VIS.

Our feature article, “A Guide to Required CDC Vaccination Information Sheets,” by Pat Cook, Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting Services, provides a comprehensive list of vaccines requiring information sheets (VIS) as well as CDC guidelines for how the VIS must be provided.

Also, included this month is the continuation of our dental regulatory compliance series, “Assessing Your Dental Service Part II”. In this segment, Denise Smith, Senior Consultant, highlights additional key areas for dental practice's compliance with regulations that rate high on the list for safe patient care and patient satisfaction. Some of these critical elements include water quality, amalgam waste, imaging safety, emergency care, discharge instructions, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles. We hope this has been helpful in preparing you for the new year. If you have any suggestions for future topics or require our services, please reach out to us at info@courtemanche-assocs.com. Our team is always available and eager to assist you in any way we can.

Healthcare staff reviewing vaccine information sheet with patient.

Jan 30 2024

CDC Vaccination Information Sheet Requirements
When consulting with clients, often we will encounter care locations that are responsible for the administration of key vaccinations that are unaware of the requirement to both provide and document the provision of the CDC Vaccination Information Statements, otherwise known as the VIS. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act: ...
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About the Authors

Patricia Cook, B.S., R.Ph, HACP, GRCP

Pat Cook is a Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting Services at Courtemanche & Associates. Working in collaboration with the C&A Leaders, Pat manages Courtemanche & Associate’s business development initiatives and oversees the clinical delivery of services and support. With her extensive healthcare experience, Pat serves as a knowledgeable resource to new and existing clients, helping to guide them through their accreditation and regulatory needs.

Patricia Cook Consultant & Author
Dentist using water hose to rinse patient's mouth.

Jan 30 2024

Assessing Your Dental Services for Compliance – Part II
In Part 1 of our series on Dental Services, we discussed administrative responsibilities, education and training, personnel safety, hand hygiene, personal protective equipment, sharps safety, safe injection practices, sterilization/disinfection of patient care devices, and environmental infection prevention and control. Now that the basics have been discussed let us dig ...
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About the Authors

Denise Smith, RN, BS, MS, CLNC, HACP-CMS

Denise Smith is a Senior Consultant with Courtemanche & Associates. In this role she is responsible for assessing healthcare organizational readiness for licensing, certification, accreditation, and regulatory compliance. She has extensive knowledge in the requirements of The Joint Commission, DNV, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services including knowledge in their survey process, auditing approach and survey outcome determination. She also has knowledge and experience in AAAHC and other regulatory and accreditation organizations. She assists organizations with survey preparation, educational needs, post survey activities, patient safety strategies and quality improvement initiatives. Denise has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in Infection Prevention, Sterile Processing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Quality and Resource Management, Clinical Education, in acute inpatient and outpatient care settings.

Denise Smith, Senior Consultant

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