Courtemanche & Associates Announce New Partnership with CIHQ

Charlotte, NC: Courtemanche & Associates (C&A), a division of SAYAS Alliance, Inc., and a leading Healthcare Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Consulting firm is honored to partner with CIHQ in providing guidance to CIHQ’s client members looking to reduce risk, reduce patient harm, and improve quality of care.

An easy-to-access link between the CIHQ and C&A websites has been created to help CIHQ members with this transition. The link will take client members to Courtemanche & Associates’ customized CIHQ client Request Consulting Services page. Once the completed request is submitted, a member of the C&A team will reach out to schedule a call with the client member. Courtemanche & Associates’ objective is to learn about the CIHQ member’s organization, understand specific needs, and discuss how C&A consulting services can offer support in an effort to advance the quality of patient safety through regulatory and accreditation compliance. Client members are encouraged to explore the C&A website to discover a vast array of consulting services that go far beyond mock surveys. Additionally, Courtemanche & Associates is pleased to provide meaningful information quickly and timely through several C&A resources such as Newsletters, On The Radar Alerts, and the new blog: From the Field Notes.

Looking ahead to this fall, Courtemanche & Associates will be a proud sponsor at the CIHQ Accreditation and Regulatory Summit. Courtemanche’s team will engage with participants and introduce them to the many custom services and educational programs available to assist with their quality and patient safety objectives and ongoing survey readiness. Patricia Cook, R.Ph., HACP-CMS, C&A Senior Consultant and Head of Consulting Services, will be a guest speaker at the event, presenting an informative delivery regarding Integrated Health Systems.

The accreditation and regulatory process gets harder each year, and many organizations are struggling with re-establishing pre-pandemic operations inclusive of their survey readiness activities. Courtemanche’s team of consultants bring with them over 100  years of healthcare experience and each consultant has facilitated accreditation and regulatory readiness in various types of organizations. They have walked in your shoes, understand the role and responsibilities, have a toolbox full of ways they can support hospitals and healthcare organizations, and are continually integrating new methods and resources to help clients.

For instance, earlier this year, C&A introduced the Accreditation Resource Companion. Referred to as the ARC, this is a resource available on the Courtemanche & Associates website and contains free tools and valuable information that is simple to download. Later this year, the ARC will be expanded to include a subscription/membership option that will give members access to even greater information. C&A understands the constant change within healthcare and within healthcare organizations. By continually refining service offerings, Courtemanche & Associates is able to better meet client needs.

CIHQ is a privately-held company that provides accreditation services to hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam. Founded in 1999, CIHQ is headquartered in McKinney, TX.

Courtemanche & Associates is proud to partner with CIHQ in providing exceptional guidance and support for client members seeking to navigate the accreditation and regulatory process.

C&A remains committed to Better Compliance for Better Care.

About the Company:

Courtemanche & Associates (C&A) was founded in 1994 by Judy Courtemanche, a former Joint Commission surveyor, and nurse. Judy began C&A because she had a passion for improving healthcare. Her mission lives on through the leadership of Sandeep Goel. He has over 25 years of experience in regulatory compliance expertise and has worked closely with many healthcare organizations to ensure that any new products or services launched exceed regulatory compliance standards. Under his leadership, the C&A team works tirelessly to impart their expert knowledge to their clientele, providing timely guidance on the regulatory challenges they face. C&A is dedicated to aiding healthcare providers in reducing risk and potential patient harm and improving their quality of care.


Contact Details:


Name: Courtemanche & Associates


Address: PO Box 23659, Charlotte, NC 28227

Number: 704-573-4535


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