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ARC Premium Document Library
$1,000.00 per licensed user
providing 1 year of access per facility

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Designed to provide checklists, audit tools, policy templates, and other tools to aid your organization in improving regulatory and accreditation compliance regardless of the accrediting organization you choose.

This annual subscription will give you access to our current offering of over 60 tools with new and revised tools being added each year. Regardless of your specialty, we have tools for you.

Browse below to preview a sampling of tools provided in C&A's extensive subscription service. Our extensive collection of accreditation and regulatory compliance tools and resources provide key aids to facilitate ongoing success for all types of healthcare organizations.

1:1 Monitoring for Suicidal Risk Patient Competency Tool

Ambulatory Care Patient Tracer

Anesthesia Tracer Tool

Changes in Patient Condition Competency Tool

CMS COP Psychiatric Hospital Assessment Tool

Competency Program Review and HR File Review Tool

Crash Cart Tracer Tool

Data Infection Control and Medication Management Session

Dialysis Patient Care Tracer Tool

Emergency Management Program Review Tool

FPPE Policy Template

Hazardous Chemical Use Tracer Tool

Imaging Services Tracer Tool

Leadership Guidance Tool

LLD HLD Instrument Processing

Managing Suicide Risk in Behavioral Health Competency Tool

Maternal Hemorrhage Tracer Tool

Medical Staff Credentialing and Privileging Program Review Tool

Medication Management Tracer Tool

Moderate Sedation Tracer Tool

Nonviolent Non-Self Destructive Behavior Restraint Tracer Tool

OPPE Policy Template

QA-PI Plan Attachment-Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment Approaches

Pain Management Competency Tool

Point of Use Cleaning Tracer

Sample Educational Template Workplace Violence

Surgical Instrument Inspection Tool

Ultrasound Tracer Tool

Violent Self-Destructive Restraints and Seclusion Competency Tool

Workplace Violence Education and Training Plan Design


Courtemanche & Associates specializes in Healthcare Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Consulting Services. With over 29 years of being in business and 100+ years of healthcare experience amongst our consulting team, we are ready to assist with your accreditation and regulatory compliance needs.

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