Immediate Jeopardy

Behind the Scenes – Mock Survey

Do you ever wonder what a mock survey consultant does prior to visiting your organization? Have you been curious about the extent of preparation that occurs, how we are able to identify areas for improvement (or regulatory gaps) in a short period of time, and how it all comes together in a final report to enable effective resolution?

Part VI – CMS Immediate Jeopardy Series

How to Address an Immediate Jeopardy Decision?   The survey team leader wants to address an Immediate Jeopardy situation with your leadership.  The surveyor verbally presents the circumstances of the situation, the investigation performed and the decision process.  The specific details, including the individuals at risk is provided before leaving the entity.  What should you do?  …

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CMS Immediate Jeopardy: Part V

What is the Decision Process for Immediate Jeopardy? Last month we reviewed a case example about a resident who was cognitively impaired in a psychiatric entity and demonstrated ongoing exit behaviors.  The resident was able to elope multiple times. The surveyor recognized this as a trigger for failure to prevent neglect due to lack of …

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CMS Part IV : Acting to Avoid Immediate Jeopardy

How are CMS Immediate Jeopardy Investigations Conducted?  Whether your CMS surveyor is concerned with a failure to protect or prevent harm for a served individual or not, they are always on the lookout for potential abuse or neglect. Circumstances that identify triggers must be investigated to assure there is no risk of harm to individuals under …

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CMS Immediate Jeopardy Part III

CMS Surveyors are trained to identify certain triggers for potential or actual harm to individuals.  These triggers are grouped as circumstances where an entity has failed to protect from physical or psychological harm, abuse or neglect.  When circumstances present that raise a surveyor’s concern, an investigation must be performed to confirm or rule out Immediate …

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CMS Immediate Jeopardy: Part II

The goal of every CMS survey is to ensure the provision of quality care for all individuals receiving care or services from a Medicare or Medicaid entity.  Surveyors seek to identify and remove the harmful situation, whether psychological or physical to prevent harm to patients. Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) is: “A situation in which the provider’s …

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