Staff Transition Services and Support

Smoothing Operations During Staff Transitions with Expert Accreditation & Regulatory Guidance

For Successful Staff Transitions Turn to the Experts

Are you new to your role in accreditation or quality? Do you need to bridge a gap in your skill set or enhance your leadership skills? Does your organization need extra support to cover a staff absence or lapse in skill set? The C&A team of experts can provide support for all employee transition needs and more.

The C&A Transitional Support Services are tailor designed. Whether a short-term or long-term engagement, onsite or remote, our consultants have the experience and knowledge to support your organization with staff transition plans which include employee orientation, role redesign, leadership training, coaching & mentoring, education, tools, and resources.

Orientation Program

Our comprehensive, role specific orientation program can be designed to address specific skills or support your organization as you refine your Accreditation & Regulatory Readiness Program. Our consultants can provide employee transition plans which provide job-specific training to assist your team in gaining both core knowledge and skills in managing your organization's continuous survey readiness program.

Examples of our modules include:

  • Regulatory & Accreditation overview and basics
  • CMS Survey Process 101
  • TJC Survey Process 101
  • Understanding CoP's and TJC Standards & EPs
  • Managing Ongoing Survey Readiness: Roles & Responsibilities
  • Conducting & Managing a Survey
  • High Reliability, Just Culture and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Additional topics requested by organization

Leadership Development

Organizational culture is the strongest influencer to an organization's operations. Creating that culture begins with Leadership. An essential foundational element of healthcare culture is regulatory and accreditation compliance. Through our Transition Services, we provide leaders with tailored tools, resources, and training.

Human Resource Documents

An effective and compliant human resources department is paramount to a healthcare organization’s wellbeing.  We partner with organizations to identify where there are opportunities for improvement in the development of key human resource documents such as position descriptions or performance appraisal tools.

Coaching & Mentoring

Looking to bridge a gap in skill set or enhance leadership skills? Our Coaching and Mentoring program places one of our consultants side-by-side, one-on-one, with your staff member(s) to assess, evaluate, coach, and mentor for success. With their abundance of knowledge, expertise, and insights from the field, our consultants can provide guidance, support, and direction in establishing, implementing, and monitoring the performance of your continuous survey readiness and quality programs and identify ways to improve their performance.

Have a specific need to be addressed? Our team will develop an employee transition program just for you.


Learn from our expert consultants who can provide customized education and training sessions, in either group or individual sessions related to accreditation/regulatory compliance, quality and patient safety.  From bedside staff to board members, onsite or virtually, our educational programs are designed based upon the target audience and tailored to the needs of the organization.

Competency Assessment Program

The C&A team has the knowledge and expertise to assist your organization with the development and execution of your Competency Assessment Program.

Competent staff was and remains the backbone to who you are as an organization, and as a provider of care, treatment, and services, lives depend on competence. As part of Staff Transition Services, we can assist your organization with:

  • Defining the organization's definition of Competency and embedding it into your policy.
  • Determining when competency needs to be assessed.
  • Determining where it should be assessed and where the documents should be housed.




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