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C_APPS is an Exclusive Membership Service resource developed by Courtemanche & Associates that provides monthly offerings of regulatory and accreditation tools, resources, tracers, policy checklists or other key aids to facilitate ongoing success with changing expectations.

About C_APPS

What is C_APPS?

A monthly subscription for regulatory assistance with policy checklists and tracer tools. Have you ever needed a tracer tool or policy checklist to make sure your process is current and up to date? Purchase our monthly subscription service to receive timely compliance resources to support ongoing regulatory readiness.

C_APPS Design

C_APPS is a unique service designed for leaders and staff that provides access to comprehensive policies & procedures, tracer and audit tools and educational presentations. This program will assist your team in improving outcomes and understanding regulatory requirements and expectations through a variety of approaches.

Benefits of C_APPS

C_APPS is an Exclusive Membership Service resource developed by Courtemanche & Associates that provides monthly offerings of regulatory and accreditation tools, resources, tracers, policy checklists or other key aids to facilitate ongoing success with changing expectations.

Education Modules

Education modules that contain key foundational information designed based on the regulatory and accreditation requirements. These can then be customized to meet your organization’s needs.


Template policies and procedures that focus on the top-scoring and problematic topics from accreditation and CMS surveys.


Tracer and audit tools that provide valuable resources to assist your staff in advancing your survey readiness program.

C_APPS Resources & Tools

Surgical Suite Safety

This month’s C-APPS, offersed several tools to use in your practice that address safe use of anesthesia equipment, surgical lasers, and the prevention of surgical fires.

Medication Management

This month’s C_APPS offering focuses organizations on their Medication Management Processes providing tools and resources
designed to assess compliance on patient care units and other areas where medications are stored and/or administered.

Imaging Services

This month our C_APPs offering focuses on the imaging service or department providing tools and resources to assist with operational/procedural areas that we often find as problematic during our mock surveys.

Assessing Risk

This month in alignment with our newsletter, our C_APPs offering focuses on the process for assessing risk. As organizations recover from the pandemic, they are challenged with getting their Performance Improvement-Quality Initiatives back up and running.

Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings

Workplace Violence in the healthcare setting, is an especially important topic in the field right now. This month’s C_APPS package provides a variety of tools and resources to guide you in putting together an effective program that encompasses education, training, and processes for the entire organization.

CMS Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate for Healthcare Workers

One new development in late 2021 was the CMS Covid-19 Vaccination mandate for Healthcare Workers. To help our members develop the required framework, this month our C_APPs offering is a policy template for the required Covid-19 Vaccination policy along with our Covid-19 Vaccination Program checklist.

2022 TJC Staff & Licensed Independent Practitioner’s Required Education Matrix

This month we are pleased to provide our members with the 2022 Required Education Matrix. This tool contains the most up-to-date information on the required educational topics for both staff and licensed practitioners, based on the TJC Hospital Accreditation Program requirements.

CMS Final Guidance Co-Located Hospitals

This month focuses on the newly released QSO from CMS that provides guidance on Co-Located Hospitals. While the QSO is specific to the co-location of hospitals, more commonly known as a hospital within a hospital, we believe many of the principles and circumstances outlined within the QSO would apply to other types of facilities with co-location as well.

Acute Changes in Patient Condition

This month’s package provides tools to address acute changes in patient condition. Recognizing changes in a patient’s baseline and reporting them to the healthcare team can provide valuable information to avoid poor patient outcomes.

Patient Visitation

Related to the spread of Covid both CMS and The Joint Commission permit organizations to modify their visitation practices to safeguard patients, staff, and visitors. Earlier this year, Planetree International released the “Family Presence Policy Decision Making Toolkit 2021”, which focuses specifically on decision making during Covid. Expanding on that concept, we are providing a sample Patient Visitation Policy and a decision grid which expands the risk assessment process for determining feasibility of visitation along broader conditions that may influence your organization’s decision to expand or reduce visitation.

Breast Milk Management

This month we are providing you some simple tools related to the management of Breast Milk. So often when we are conducting mock surveys at our client organizations, we encounter issues with the management of Breast Milk. Whether the issue is related to storage, labeling or management of the product by the patient, they can all be tracked back to two issues; staff reliance on memory and/or unsubstantiated competency of the skills needed to manage Breast Milk.

We are also providing two CDC published posters that can be posted for staff reference along with the Courtemanche & Associates Breast Milk Management Competency Tool. The posters should be placed in convenient locations such as on or near the Breast Milk storage refrigerator and potentially in each patient room so that the staff and patients can review the safety steps that should be taken when handling breast milk.

2021 Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation Program

This month’s C_APP’s is our Annual Required Policies, Procedures, Plans and Programs grid for The Joint Commission. It provides detailed information on the written documents your organization needs in order to meet The Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation Program Requirements. It is an extremely valuable tool to assist you in ensuring your organization is in compliance, as your policies and procedures establish the foundation for achieving compliance with these requirements.

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Sherry Mazer
Temple University Hospital

Great tools - very user-friendly and very useful. I like the fact that you provide the policy, tracer and competency for one focused topic.

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