Facilities Management

Code Compliant Safety Services and Fire Protection for Healthcare Facilities

Facilities Management

How often have you received different interpretations related to the building and fire codes, from different parties, concerning the same problem? Due to the number and variety of groups that evaluate all aspects of the service, safety, and performance of a healthcare facility, differences in interpretations of applicable codes and standards can make this a frequent occurrence.

Our partners, BRAND Services, are experts in accreditation and regulatory requirements for the environment of care, life safety, physical environment, and infrastructure in addition to emergency management planning, organization and operations. Brand is a multi-service fire protection and code compliance company specializing in healthcare facilities and commercial construction markets with an emphasis on life safety and property safety. Regardless of the accrediting organization that you use, Brand has experts ready to help you solve problems and establish compliance. Your success means more than a piece of paper; it can mean the well-being and safety of an entire hospital.

Your code-compliant Fire Protection & Life Safety services provide any or all of the following:

Code Compliance

A Life Safety Assessment of your facility’


Onsite Environmental Risk Assessment of your Organization

Facility Compliance

A complete survey of your building mechanical and electrical systems

Door Training

Educational presentations outlining requirements for Fire & Egress Doors.

Statement of Conditions

Comprehensive strategy for maintaining facility compliance

Facility Operations

Engineering and Commissioning Authority & Energy Services

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