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Greetings Everyone, EXCITING TIMES!

As the President and CEO of Courtemanche & Associates, we are so excited to share with our readers the new relationship that Courtemanche & Associates has developed with the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality ( CIHQ). We are both honored and humbled that the leadership at CIHQ recognized the alignment in mission and vision between our organizations and that Courtemanche & Associates will be offering our consulting services to their client base.

To help CIHQ members with this transition, CIHQ and Courtemanche & Associates have created an easy-to-access link between our websites that will take you directly to our customized CIHQ client Request Consulting Services page. Once you complete the Request for Consulting Services tool, a member of our team will schedule a call with you. Our objective is to learn about your organization, understand your specific needs and to discuss how Courtemanche & Associates can support your efforts in the advancement of quality and patient safety through regulatory and accreditation compliance. While on our website, please be certain to explore the services we offer, as the list is significantly larger than mock surveys! Also, please look for our Newsletters and On The Radar Alerts, and visit our From the Field Notes Blog, which are all designed to place meaningful information in your hands quickly and timely.

The accreditation and regulatory process gets harder each year and many organizations are struggling with re-establishing pre-pandemic operations inclusive of their survey readiness activities. Our team of consultants bring with them over 100 years of healthcare experience and each consultant has facilitated accreditation and regulatory readiness in various types of organizations. They have walked in your shoes, understand the role and responsibilities, have a toolbox full of ways they can support you, and are continually looking for new methods to help our clients.

For instance, earlier this year, we introduced our Accreditation Resource Companion. Referred to as the ARC, this is a resource available on our website and contains free tools and valuable information that you can simply download. Later this year, the ARC will be expanded to include a subscription/membership option that will give members access to even greater information.

We understand the constant change within healthcare and within healthcare organizations. By continually designing and redesigning our services, we are able to better meet your needs. We look forward to discussing how we can support you and your organization. Please take a moment and drop us an idea at info@courtemanche-assocs.com .

We remain committed to Better Compliance means Better Care.

Respectfully and enthusiastically,

Sandeep Goel
President & CEO

Hospital Administrator making rounds with staff

Jun 29 2023

Leadership Rounding for Quality, Safety, and Situational Awareness
In healthcare organizations, leadership rounding is an essential staple for understanding levels of quality and safety at the frontline of patient care.  Effective leadership rounds build trusting relationships and create a means for obtaining situational awareness.  Through the rounding process, leaders can gather information on patient care, engage staff ...
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About the Authors

Anne Kelly, EdD, BSN

Anne Kelly is an Associate Consultant with Courtemanche and Associates. In this role, she is responsible for assessing healthcare organizations’ readiness for licensing, accreditation, and regulatory compliance. Anne is trained in the survey process, auditing approach and survey outcome determination utilized by The Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and other regulatory agencies and accrediting organizations. She assists organizations with pre-survey, intra-survey and post-survey activitieseducation, patient safety strategies, and quality improvement initiatives.

With more than 30 years of clinical and leadership experience working in varying healthcare positions, Anne has held various Quality, Accreditation and Patient Safety leadership positions. As Chief Quality and Compliance Officer with Acadia Healthcare, a leading provider of Behavioral Health services in the United States, she led the enterprise-wide Corporate Compliance Program and quality initiatives.

Anne Kelly, EdD, BSN, Associate Consultant
Airborne infection Isolation room

Jun 29 2023

Airborne Infection Isolation Room – AI²
Hospitals all have these rooms; they are unique and located in so many areas of the hospital. Recently, with the pandemic, these "negative" rooms, along with so many other patient rooms, became the focus of preventing more widespread exposure. There are a lot of misconceptions about these rooms and ...
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About the Authors

Joseph Esch, MBA CHFM

Joseph Esch is a Life safety surveyor and consultant. He is trained under the HFAP Acute Care and Critical Access Hospital requirements, as well as The Joint Commission accreditation requirements for the physical environment, fire safety, Life Safety Code®, and Emergency Management chapters. Joseph has 14 years in healthcare, his primary focus is the operations, plant and the physical environment. He has assisted in the planning and initial startup of facility programs in several acute care facilities, including the implementation of CMMS, compliance program, capital forecasting, and facility condition indexing and has been chairman of the EOC committee. He currently holds a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager certification issued by the American Hospital association in 2015 and is a member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineers and the local chapter of Chesapeake Area for Healthcare Engineers.

Joseph Esch environment of care and life safety consultant

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