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This month’s articles feature topics that are not always at the forefront of healthcare staff’s daily routine but can have a major impact on the safety and welfare of their patients. Our feature,“Titration Orders: Are you set for safe practice?” outlines essential elements of the order, as well as common pitfalls that can hinder an organization’s implementation of intravenous titration despite having a robust policy in place. “Have You Inspected Your Laundry Department Lately?” is another notable article emphasizing the potential safety risks that improperly cleaned linens can cause, while providing important performance expectations.

Also this month, we are very excited to share the fresh new look for our website! Please keep watching as the reveal is nearly here!!

Are You Set for Safe Practice?

Jul 30 2021

Titration Orders: Are you set for safe practice?
Titrating intravenous medications is the process of adjusting medication dosage for maximum benefit without inducing adverse side effects. It can be a fine line to walk, but when staff follow clearly defined parameters through well-crafted titration orders, it can be performed with a high degree of safety and ensure that your practice is aligned with regulatory standards. The goals for aligning with regulatory standards governing titration of intravenous medications include: • Staff following consistent medication administration practices that reduce/eliminate variation • Focus that therapeutic response is achieved and maintained • Nursing staff scope of practice not being compromised by relying ...
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About the Author

Christopher Pratt, MS, BSN, HACP

Chris Pratt is a Senior Consultant with Courtemanche and Associates with more than 33 years in clinical and leadership experience working in varying healthcare positions from the bedside to the Boardroom. In this role, he is responsible for assessing healthcare organizations’ readiness for licensing, accreditation, and regulatory compliance. He is trained in the survey process, auditing approach and survey outcome determination utilized by The Joint Commission, DNV, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and other regulatory agencies and accrediting organizations. He assists organizations with post-survey activities, education, patient safety strategies, and quality improvement initiatives and has experience in various health care settings including acute care, behavioral health, and ambulatory care settings.


How Safe Are Your Linens?

Jul 30 2021

Prepare Your Healthcare Laundry Department For Inspection
How often do we go to the linen closet and say to ourselves, “is this linen safe to put on my patient’s bed?” As a nurse for over 40 years, I do not think that I have ever asked myself that question. I was happy that the linen was there and that I could use it and move onto my next task. Well, the truth is, maybe the linen we are using is not up to the infection control standards we expect. In a study published in 2019, 15 transplant and cancer hospitals revealed that on visual inspection healthcare linens ...
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About the Author

Denise Smith, RN, MS, CLNC

Denise Smith is an Associate Consultant with Courtemanche & Associates. In this role she is responsible for assessing healthcare organizational readiness for licensing, certification, accreditation, and regulatory compliance. She has extensive knowledge in the requirements of The Joint Commission, DNV, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services including knowledge in their survey process, auditing approach and survey outcome determination. She also has knowledge and experience in AAHC and other regulatory and accreditation organizations. She assists organizations with survey preparation, educational needs, post survey activities, patient safety strategies and quality improvement initiatives. Denise has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in Infection Prevention, Sterile Processing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Quality and Resource Management, Clinical Education, in acute inpatient and outpatient care settings.


C_APPS 2021

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