Course Category: Advanced Courses

Remembering, Forgetting and Retraining The Brain

When memory impairment disrupts daily activities, healthcare professionals must be mindful of CMS critical element pathways and nursing care strategies to improve memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimers and maximize brain function.

Leadership Engagement to Reduce Harm

Lack of engagements for leaders, staff and physicians affects patient safety and professional well-being. This advanced course provides solutions to enhance leadership engagement for organizational success.

Emergency Management 2020

This 3-hour course takes you through the regulatory requirements, focus areas, drills and more. Use this knowledge to develop preparedness and response capabilities when the unexpected occurs.

Enterprise Wide Risk Management

When Risk Management goes enterprise-wide, leaders align guiding principles with their analysis of risks and opportunities to obtain the best strategic response for their healthcare organizations.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surgical Instruments

This two-part advanced course on the management of surgical instrumentation covers the decision process of whether to disinfect or sterilize and how to reprocess instruments effectively, using evidence-based guidelines from AORN and AAMI.

Preventing Suicide

This six part series provides the regulatory background for Suicide Prevention, addresses environmental risks creating unsafe patient settings, speaks to individual risk factors, protective factors and measures to enhance safety planning in care.

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