TJC changes to the Emergency Management Chapter

We continue to keep our healthcare workers lifted up and in our thoughts. We cannot express enough appreciation for all the efforts that have been provided in response to this outbreak.

The Joint Commission has recently released changes to the Emergency Management Chapter. Some if the items in this release is relaxing time requirements for some activities. The risk assessment (HVA) is being considered acceptable if performed within 2 years of the previous assessment – however, this should be based upon the potential of events to a given organization. Another area that the Joint Commission is relaxing is the 2 full-scale exercise requirement. CMS has accepted table-top exercises in the past and now the Joint Commission will accept these if certain parameters are met.

Please review the new Joint Commission requirements for Emergency Management. Now is the time to update and edit your EM plans/procedures while gaps or other area for improvement are fresh on people’s minds.

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