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By November 8, 2017C&A Blog

Organizations across the country that have recently undergone the CMS accreditation and certification process will certainly agree that the survey experience has drastically changed over the past year. CMS is focused on patient safety and both the review process and depth of review has intensified in many areas that are drivers for patient safety.  These areas include cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, the physical environment and medication management.  The need to undergo a resurvey or focused follow-up survey is a common occurrence. Here are some tips to help you prepare for re-survey:

  1. Develop a clear, concise action plan that addresses the opportunities identified in your survey report.
  2. Communicate the corrective action plan to everyone and be certain to include why this is important to patient safety. (We call this the “why behind the how.”)
  3. Establish a process to internally monitor how your organization is doing both in implementing the corrective action and assuring that the plan has gotten your organization to a state of sustained
  4. Drive organizational commitment and actions through your senior leadership t Communicating transparently with senior leaders around actual performance will provide them with the information needed to remove barriers and drive accomplishments – thus enhancing culture!
  5. Make your monitoring process easy. Often organizations will invest too much time in designing robust dashboards and scorecards only to find that the monitoring indicator doesn’t measure the issue at hand, is not assigned to anyone to collect the data or provides too much data that them must be sorted through.

Remember to keep it simple, concise, laser-focused and communicated to everyone in the organization.

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