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By March 18, 2019On the Radar

In 2018, The Joint Commission announced that it would continue to focus on 4 specific problematic areas during surveys:

  • High Level Disinfection
  • Suicide
  • Medication Compounding
  • Dialysis

But what specifically will be the focus when reviewing Dialysis in 2019?

Every time we provide a dialysis treatment, there are hundreds of opportunities to place our patients at risk for acquiring an infection.  Surveyors will focus on the Clean-to-Dirty flow, hand hygiene and changing of gloves and staff’s adherence to the Equipment Manufacturer’s Instructions for use when cleaning the equipment. Surveyors may also request to review the equipment service records to ensure that the equipment is being serviced at the prescribed time frames set forth by the manufacturer.


Last but not least, a review of the water testing logs will be completed to ensure that the organization is monitoring the quality of their water in accordance with the AAMI standards and responding as needed to any deviations identified.

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