Risk Management

Introducing NEXUS ERM
Where Daily Operations and Risk Management Intersect

Courtemanche & Associates is pleased to provide solutions for the identification and mitigation of risk in healthcare with NEXUS ERM (Enterprise-wide Risk Management), a unique, solution-based approach for risk assessment, gap analysis and program development.

What do you visualize when you see the word, Nexus? Connections? Linkages? Junctions? Relationships? Our expert consultants search for the interconnectedness of daily operations with clinical and non-clinical activities to identify unknown and potential areas of risk.

Traditional risk management focuses on occurrences, claims, damage control, and legal protection. NEXUS ERM provides the means for organizations to go beyond the traditional to develop an enterprise-wide approach, where intersections or linkages within an organization pose risk. Developing a nexus of potential risk marries traditional risk management activities with clinical, patient safety and non-clinical activities to create awareness of and more effective mitigation of risk.

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• Assessment of current risk management platform and activities

• Gap Analysis of current risk management activities compare to ERM requirements

• Education and guidance for Governing Body, Leaders, Physicians and Staff

• Policies and Procedures related to Nexus ERM Implementation

• Support with Risk Analysis using our new Nexus Causal Analysis tool

• Corresponding taxonomy updates for Patient Safety and Risk

• Implementation of a Data Management Program with a statistical toolbox

• Reporting formats for Leaders and the Governing Body