Reviewing of Staff Training and Competencies

As the New Year approaches, this is a good time to review Staff Training and Competencies.

The focus has been heavy this past year on validating staff competencies versus staff education and training. How does your organization determine what skills need to have a return demonstration or other type of validation for competency? Organizations should have a plan developed on providing education and training to the various disciplines within the organization as well as have a program to determine competency for critical skills or high impact tasks.

Surveyors have been looking for competencies beyond Nursing skills like blood administration and central line management. Competencies are expected for skills dealing with high level disinfection, proper use of disinfection in point of use cleaning processes, proper hand hygiene practices, cleaning of surgical / procedural areas and even into some emergency preparedness operations.

Take a few moments this month and review your education and competency processes. An effective continuous survey readiness program will understand how staff are educated, trained and deemed competent with those critical skill sets identified by the disciplines and how the competency is reflected in documentation. Remember – only give surveyors the requested competency items they ask for; never provide a complete HR file for review unless specifically requested.

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