Redefining Routine Operations


Defining the New Normal – Getting Started

Healthcare has been under siege for months anticipating, dealing with, or reeling from the impact of Covid-19, leaving little time to consider anything else. This leaves the question of how to get back to daily operations and what should they look like. Our June C_APPS provides the groundwork for “Redefining Routine Operations,” and gives healthcare organizations tips to re-energize their practices and redesign for the future.

Stephen Klasko, Jefferson Health President and CEO, said it this way:
“This is healthcare’s Amazon moment. If you are a provider and think you’re going to go back to your business model solely being based on hospital revenue and not relevant to people who want care at home, I think you will be out of business. If you’re an insurer and think you can just be the middle-man between the hospital and the patient, you’ll be irrelevant. If hospitals believe that innovation can be just this cute little thing that they do in the background but the real business is just getting heads in beds, they’re nuts. I think we were always wondering what the big disruption would be that got us to join the consumer revolution, and I think this is it.”

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