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On the Radar: TJM ICM Telephone Calls Suspended

By April 30, 2018On the Radar

TJC ICM Telephone Calls Have Been Suspended Indefinitely

Courtemanche & Associates has confirmed with Executive Leaders at The Joint Commission (TJC) that they have suspended the Intracycle Monitoring (ICM) telephone call process.  Organizations have expressed their concerns regarding the value of the calls and The Joint Commission has heard them.  Sources at The Joint Commission have shared that the ICM telephone calls have been suspended indefinitely and that a new and improved process will be developed and most likely introduced in 2019.  TJC notes that if an organization wants to have an ICM telephone call, they will accommodate the request.

All accredited organization, with the exception of Office -Based Surgery Accredited organization, are required to complete an assessment of compliance with all accreditation requirements during the years in-between their triennial accreditation surveys (biennial accreditation surveys for TJC accredited laboratories). This process, known as your Focused Standards Assessment (FSA) can be completed using one of 4 options: Full, Option 1, Option 2 or Option 3.  The ICM telephone call was included in both the Full FSA and the Option 2 FSA.

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