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On the Radar: Eye washing Stations and Emergency Showers

By September 26, 2018On the Radar

Clients have been asking about eye-wash stations and how surveyors are scoring in 2018.  Did you know that ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) updated their guidance on Eye-Wash Stations and Showers in 2014?  We asked SIG at Joint Commission and they confirmed that TJC is surveying to the 2014 guidance publication. So, what are some of the key changes to ANSI.Z358.1 in 2014, compared to the 2009 version:

Section 4.1.5 – “Emergency showers shall be designed, manufactured and installed in such a manner that, once activated, they can be used without requiring the use of the operator’s hands(2009 standard did not specify hands-free operations for emergency showers).

Section 4.6.3 – “Self-contained units shall be visually checked weekly to determine if flushing

fluid needs to be changed or supplemented. Such inspection shall be conducted in accordance

with manufacturer’s instructions” (2009 standard did not specify checks were to occur


Appendix B5 “A single step up into an enclosure where the equipment can be accessed is not considered to be an obstruction. Additionally, installers should allow for adequate overhead clearance to accommodate the presence of cabinets over the counter, or faucet mounted emergency eyewashes so as not to create an additional hazard that could be encountered when using the device” (2009 standard did not contain this verbiage).

We are attaching some guidance accessed from Eyewash Direct that summarizes the key change points in more detail.

Stay tuned to our “On the Radar” for more updates about the Environment of Care.

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