Proactive Patient Safety


Protecting patients in all healthcare environments should be an organizations top priority. The Joint Commission addresses this through the Patient Safety Chapter found in the Accreditation Information section of their client web-portals. CMS addresses this in the Patient Rights Condition of Participation “Patients have the right to receive care in a safe setting”.

In order to achieve a proactive patient safety system, accreditors and regulators will be looking for your organizations proactive patient safety risk assessment to see how the hospital evaluates, understands the consequences of process failures and seeks to improve in order to prevent harm from occurring.

Joint Commission has recently updated their Patient Safety (PS) chapter – please review your organizations patient safety risk assessment and initiatives today to ensure that a proactive patient safety system is implemented. There are many resources available today to assist with this – call us at 704-573-4535 or email us at if you need more information.


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