Preventing Surgical Site Infections for the Hospital: New Strategies to Prevent Infections with Evidence-Based Guidelines


Preventing of Surgical Site InfectionsSurgical Site Infections (SSI) are the most common healthcare-acquired infection (HAI). They occur an estimated 160,000 to 300,000 times per year and account for more than 20% of all HAIs. It is estimated that 60% of surgical site infections are preventable.  Experts agree that the implementation of the 7 S bundle has the opportunity to significantly reduce SSIs.  Appropriate use of antibiotics is key. Additional measures to maintain proper asepsis within the OR and in the management of surgical instrumentation adds to success, and  patient engagement in surgical site infection prevention is critical for preparation before surgery and management upon discharge.

Learn about the latest recommendations including the 7 S Bundle and patient engagement strategies to focus staff, providers and patients on this common goal.

Learn & Apply:

  • Learn expert recommendations for prevention
  • Review the regulatory requirements surveyed by The Joint Commission (TJC) and other regulators
  • Gain knowledge of Risk Factors and Mitigation Strategies

Meet the course instructor on Preventing Surgical Site Infections for Hospitals

Judy Courtemanche, President of Courtemanche & Associates has served in healthcare for more than 2 decades as a healthcare consultant. She has worked in many healthcare settings and served in leadership, managerial, educational and nursing roles. Judy has worked in accreditation as a field surveyor, team leader and faculty for The Joint Commission. In addition, she has served healthcare organizations and systems as a regulatory consultant and educator for the past 26 years, troubleshooting and assisting physicians, leaders and staff to successfully overcome regulatory challenges through transformative education and creative solutions for difficult issues.

Learn the latest expert recommendations and successful mitigation strategies for preventing Surgical Site Infections as outlined in this course. Interested in our Nursing Contact Hours opportunity?

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