Wilmer Romero Artwork


One day, in big city, a kid that could make a sword that could shoot  fire out of nowhere and the power of shooting a fireball and was faster than light and his name was Nate the Great! One day in school a new kid named Mike entered his class.  Nate wanted to know more about Mike so he went and asked him if he wanted to be friends?  Mike said yes because he had to make a friend sooner or later.   The years passed by and Mike and Nate become best friends.  Then, another new kid comes to the middle school and asks Mike to be his friend and mike says yes.  Soon, Nate asked Mike why you are not talking to me.”  Mike said, ” I can’t tell you”  but Nate knew something was wrong!

One day, Nate followed Mike to Dan’s house and he couldn’t stop looking at what he saw.  It was a lab that had a poster that said,  I will kill Super Kid! “Super Kid!” Mike knows I’m Super Kid!  Just then WISH WOO WEE  it was Super Kid!  MIKE!!!! Someone yelled,   it was Dan and Mike and his dad or you could say Red X!  Red X was a friend of my dad’s,  until  Red X took over  my DAD!!!!! One side of me is saying go get him and the other side is saying I will lose my Dad.  The thing is if I get him Mike will be free and if I didn’t, Mike would be just like them.  I knew what to do.   I made a fire sword and broke down  the door.   Then, I saw Red X coming right at me!  I just said chill out and stopped.   Red X replied,” Why should I.”  I told him I have something you need.  Mike yelled out Help!!! Help!!! Help!!!  I said, “ you give me Mike and I’ll  give you my… BOOM BOOM CRASH!! Just then they were gone?  I went running to see where they went, but it would take forever!  I went back to Dan’s house and got his car keys and started the car.  I didn’t know how to drive, but how hard could it be?  I put my hands on the wheel and pushed the gas and went flying because I accidentally pushed the breaks.  Then I knew that I had to turn on my flying boots to go fast!!  “Wow too fast!”  Wow there they are! “Turn boots off” Wow that’s better.  Red X! Come here little dog.  “You little kid, “ Red X yelled, ”I will kill you!”  Oh yeah? Turn on BOOTS!!!!!  Ha ha I’m fast. I stabbed him with my fire sword. He was melting.  No this can’t happen NO I’M RED I CAN’T LOSE!! SWOOSH  yes! I killed Red X and saved Mike.  Mike come on  let’s get out of here.  Ok, ok said Mike and soon Mike became Fire Kid, but that’s another story.

By Wilmer Romero and golden chicken.