Samson Culcor Artwork

Super Kid vs. Super Kid

Nick Flanigan was walking through the 9th grade halls when he saw someone being bullied. He couldn’t stand bullies, but he wasn’t big or strong enough to stand up to them. He watched helplessly as his classmate was being bullied by John Goldman. The meanest kid in school. He decided he couldn’t stay there any longer, or he would be next. He walked by John gritting his teeth, but he was too late. John saw him. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing” Nick replied quickly. When John looked back to Nick’s classmate Nick saw his chance, he darted through the halls to his class. John yelled as Nick ran “You can run, but you can’t hide forever.”

After school that day when Nick was walking home he started thinking about how horrible bullies are when John ran up by him and grabbed his arm. Nick turned around horrified. They were off school grounds. “I told you, you couldn’t run forever.” John said as it started to thunder.

“As much as I would love to stay and talk, I don’t want to get struck by lightning.” Nick said defiantly.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere,” When John was about to hit Nick, Nick got struck by lightning. John couldn’t move because of fear, shock, and pain. Nick was nowhere to be seen. After a matter of moments John ran screaming guiltily “I’ve killed him.” when in actuality Nick was right there in front of him, he was just invisible.

Nick got up unharmed but invisible. He didn’t know what had happened. He knew that John was about to punch him and the next thing he knew John was running away. Nick decided to continue walking to his house so he didn’t get soaked by the storm. When Nick got back to his house he knocked on the door and his mother came out looking worried. When she saw no one was there she yelled out “Is this supposed to be some sort of joke? No one ding dong ditches me you stinky teens!”

Nick confused said “Mom it’s me.”

“Who said that?” Nick annoyed with his mother’s joke ducked through her arms and walked into the kitchen. He pulled up a chair and started talking about his day and how crazy it was. Nick’s mom yelled “Where are you Nick?”

“Right here” said Nick in an annoyed voice.

Horrified Nick’s mom stuttered “Y-y-y-ou’re a-a-a ghost.”

“Mom stop joking around, I’ve had a rough day.”

“Don’t believe me look in the kitchen mirror.” Nick stood up and walked to the mirror. He was amazed when he saw nothing. He ran up to his room yelling and locked the door behind him. He lay down on his bed to think. In his mind he was trying to grasp what had happened. What had happened? Then he remembered he was knocked out. He didn’t know how but he knew it did something to him. He thought for a second and realized this power was given to him so he could help people, he just knew it.

After months and months of practicing he learned he could change from being visible to invisible and that he could teleport and walk through walls. In the beginning he wasn’t great though. One day when someone was being bullied at school he tried to scare the bully by talking to him when he was invisible. He started talking to the bully and calling him names when he looked down and realized he wasn’t invisible. The bully turned around was about to uppercut him when he became invisible. The bully ran away in terror. One day after months of being foiled all the bullies got together to come up with a plan. No one believed them when they said he can become invisible and walk through walls so they just gave up on trying to convince people. They decided they would all circle him when he was alone in the halls. Once he disappeared they would all grab for the middle to get him. Then they could bring him to the principal. Fortunately, their plan didn’t work because word spread that they were planning something and Nick heard about it. Once they surrounded him he would just teleport out of the circle and record them doing it so he could post it on the school website. He started making them look like fools every day until he realized how much power he had. Then he bullied everybody and the cameras never caught it because he was invisible. After a year of this one day he decided to bully John off of school grounds. That day happened to be the same type of day he got his powers. He thought it was perfect, he could get revenge while remembering his gift. He followed him when he was invisible and grabbed him on the shoulder. John was too scared to move. Nick became visible and said “Reminds me of the day I got my powers. Now it’s time to get my ultimate revenge.”

“I didn’t do anything to you.” John cried back with tears. “I helped you get your powers. Don’t hurt me.” Nick laughed and was about to hit John when he was struck by lightning. When he woke up John was gone. He stood up and tried to teleport home but he couldn’t. He tried again and again with tears rolling down his cheeks. He walked home morose and feeling horrible. Only with this demoralization did he realize that he was the bully. That he was the one causing the trouble. He was driven mad with power and a thirst for revenge. From that day forth he knew his mistake. He decided he would stop bullies without violence. He would stop them with peaceful protest.