Nathaniel Ross Artwork

BAM! CRASH! BANG! Wilmer got bit by 501 radioactive snakes making him have super speed, the ability to freeze time and have super strength.

Wilmer was a normal kid in a normal world like everyone else, but he was excited he was going to Africa tomorrow. The next day he went to the airport it was an 18 hour trip he forgot his book so he played video games the whole time. Once he got there he said “let’s have a hike to get my legs going” so they took a walked to a cool zoo that had a snake that had radiation in its fangs.  He was so happy, this was awesome until…

Wilmer fell into the pit of 501 snakes!  They went on top of him BAM! CRASH! BANG! Wilmer got bit by 501 radioactive snakes giving him have super speed, freezing time and super strength.  He woke up in the hospital he was lucky he didn’t remember what happened so one day in vacation he healed and he went to his camper with his mom and dad.  He once had to help a cat so he noticed his powers and he knew they had to be a secret.

Once aliens came and he punched one by one killing them in one shot. Now he realized his power so the aliens sent 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 aliens in a giant ship and super kid did BAM! POW! KABAM! There were only 550 aliens left and BAM! And super kid knocked them all down like bowling pins.