Mia Bedoya Artwork

My name is Super Kid. Right now I am saving the world from being turned into zombies. Wait let me go back a bit.  I am a fifth grader at Alexander Hamilton School. I am Emma. I live with my mom, my dad, and my two annoying brothers. Anyway, my class is going to the Great Lake of Morristown today. “Line up every one, “announced Mrs. Todd. “We are going to get onto the buses. “On the bus Serena and I played save the world. She would play the part of the damsel in distress. I would be Super Kid and save the day from Mr.Doc, the mad scientist.

“We have arrived students, gather your things and head to lake. “In my bag I had a flashlight, a sweater, and my rubber water bottle. I got off the bus and started walking.  As I was walking It started to rain.  “Students we will have to keep on walking until we hit the lake.”  I started to look around, I couldn’t see the lake.

“There it is, I see it too” Shouted Tom and Lisa. I still couldn’t see it, Splash!!! “Is she ok, she looks funny.”  All I could hear were these words.

“Emma we’re going to get help.”

BOOM!!!Lightning had struck the lake and I had become Super Kid.

The last thing I remembered was flying out of the lake and landing in my bedroom.  I turned on the tv to see what was had just happened. Breaking news… girl in lake when lightning hits lake.  Witnesses say girl disappears when adult Mrs. Todd leaves to go find help.  I turn of the tv and started to wonder.  What will everyone think of me.  “Help me, somebody help me.” I looked out the window, to see people running and screaming through the streets.  I fly down the stairs and I, muuuuuu. My house was filled with zombies!!!  I was getting mad, I started to think of way of how to these zombies out my house.  All of a sudden they started to move. Wherever I move my hand they would go.  I through the zombies out my house. I started to run towards the giant robot zombie in town square.  I wish I could fly I thought.  Maybe I could.  I got my aim, pushed off of the ground and Whoosh!  I was flying, I headed toward the robot.  I flew inside to see a zombie controlling all the other ones.  I had to find the main power source for the robot.  There it was, it was inside of a box at the right foot of the robot. I flew down the stairs of the robot to the right foot.  I used my mind control to move the box and disable the main power source.   I had done it I had saved the world.

“Emma what did you do over the weekend?”  Well I… BOOM!!!  I am Doctor Ed, and I will take over the world!!!  This is a job for Super Kid!