Marvin Artwork

It was a Friday evening and Barry was excited going to the National Science Museum. Barry was going with his dad Matt.  They started walking to the train station.  Barry, when we arrive at the museum don’t get lost there will be thousands of people there.  When they arrived at the train station Matt bought the tickets to get on the train, it took 2 hours to get to the museum.  When Barry and his dad got there they had to buy wristbands. When they got inside Barry didn’t know where to go.  All of a sudden an announcement came on, “Attention people there is a big lightning storm heading for Central City, please go to the bathrooms and stay there until the storm is over.”  Barry thought this storm will ruin his day.  He was so bummed out. Barry dad didn’t care, they still went exploring.

Ooh Barry said as he spotted a big glass window. Out of nowhere a big lightning bolt hit Barry’s chest Barry wouldn’t wake up!  7 months later, Jenny was sitting in his room and he started waking up! OH my goodness!  She said, hey Barry how are you feeling? “Where am I,” said Barry.  You are at star labs and my name is Tim.  Listen Barry,  you got hit by a lighting strike and you were in  a coma for 7 months.  7 MONTHS screamed Barry.   Yep Tim said.   Barry, what happened  to my parents,  asked Barry.  Oh yeah, they died . “WHAT! Yelled Barry.   He started running, that’s when he realized he had super speed.  He tried to find a way out and  finally he saw an exit sign.  Two huge guys stood there with water guns.  He ran through them with his new superpower.  After that, Barry saw another sign that said Central City 100 miles away.  Barry went to his house where he saw nothing there.  Everything was gone! Oh no! said Barry.  He saw a note taped to the wall that said , “come find me at the treehouse signed Dr.” Barry used his new super speed to get there.  He went inside.  That’s when he saw the doc and they were throwing punches at each other. BANG POW BOOM Barry punched doctor doc one more time and doctor doc felled to the ground. The police came and the doc was arrested, he was never seen again. Barry sat down on the floor where he started crying. He saw another note that said, son come and find us, love mom and dad.